A Network of Beneficial Relationships

“A house with a conservatory attached does not look like an ecosystem, but it shares its most important characteristic:  a network of beneficial relationships.”  –Patrick Whitefield

During the Making Futures conference and beyond, we started to see that craft may not just be defined by material processes.  Its defining characteristic may yet turn out to be the beneficial relationships engendered by a craft approach.  The majority of speakers at our workshop here back in May identified a strong interest in educational or otherwise skillsharing relationships built around crafts, and the Making Futures conference further elucidated this concern.  (There will be more information on this available on this site when the next Stage Report is published – soon.)

Previously craft’s mission has been seen as defining by difference – NOT art, NOT design.  Are we looking at a more inclusive style of self-definition; one which depends on being malleable and accepting, rather than focussing on divisions?  In this way craft and its subsections and its similarities to other artforms is seen as part of an interconnected system rather than a singular form.


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