Making Futures

Making Futures at Mt Edgecumb

Making Futures at Mt Edgecumb

Well the Making Futures conference has come and gone, leaving a great deal of interest and excitement in its wake.  It would be impossible for me to choose one highlight, there were so many great things about the two days.

Richard Sennett did not make it in the end and we had two very interesting speakers in his place – John Thackera (of the book, blog, conference etc Doors of Perception ) and Carl Honore (author of In Praise of Slowness ).  Both were great and very thought-provoking.  Their websites are treasure troves of information, provocation, and – thankfully – comfort for those of us who are interested in these things.  And I really loved how each of them were so positive about continually adjusting their world-view to accommodate the new ideas or perspectives they were taking on.  This openness is the basis for the resilience the conference foregrounded as one of the things we needed to develop, and the absolute antithesis of the way most of the people who make decisions that affect us all go through their lives blindly and with very fixed purpose.  (Rant over.)

The conference was very packed and so I only saw a fraction of what was on offer, but the papers will be published in the near future by Plymouth College of Art.  You can see the abstracts on the confeence website.  I heard it often – and experienced it myself – that the sessions one thought one might not enjoy were often the ones which were most interesting.  I love that unexpectedness.

There is a thread on Forums on this site which talks about an event last week to talk about some of the ideas in a local context.  If you have any ideas you might like to join in:  it’s under the Connections thread.

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